Sunday, January 21, 2007

Why not to learn DOS, and why my reasons not to are sadly laughable... kind of.

I'm trying REALLY hard to learn the DOS command prompts and all, but, pleeze. It's a Microsoft thing, jeez. I'm doing it because I promised The Fortune Telling Lady that I would... But. But but but but - ! Here's my line of reasoning which common sense keeps surpressing (common sense is very rude. Common sense is an opressor. My Line Of Reasoning (hence known as MLOR(D?)) is considering taking Common Sense (hence known as CS) to court before the League of Nations (in my little imaginary world, they exist. Nyah-nyah.), the UN (for no particular reason), Amnesty International, and an orang-utang eating a tangeloaf*. I bet CS will be able to afford a better lawyer. People pay CS for counseling sesions because, CS really isn't that common - but then they do whatever it was that they were going to do in the first place... but, CS still has the money. Their suits may be chronicled later. Along with the wardrobe, I might even catalog the proceedings**). Okay, MLOR with commentary from (sarcastic as always) CS.
DOS is a Microsoft thing?
Yes. Some of us knew that.

Saw-reee... I didn't!
For someone with a supposedly 130 IQ, you sure act like an idiot. You also act your age.

You know IQ isn't really a judgement of inteligence-

Wait - if it's a Microsoft thing (or at least I think it's a Microsoft thing... er... one of the sites said MS DOS, didn't it....?), why did Michael Moscovitz have some manuals on it? I thought he was an iMac/Linux person...
That's the ONLY REASON?!

No, it is NOT the only reason. But mention of it made me think about it.
You're just doing this because you want to be like Michael Moscovitz in the Princess Diaries books which you happen to be re-reading, nyah nyah...

In the SMART, songwriting, guitar-playing, program-writing, website-designing, iMac-and-Linux-using -
And here we get to the crux of the matter!

Shuddup. ANYWAY. In the... where was I? Oh yes... iMac-and-Linux-using sense... but do I want to be a boy?.... nah. Not on your life.
Get to the d'arvitting point...

It's a Microsoft thing. An Evil Empire related thing. Something related to The Nerd Who Makes Thousands Of Dollars While Sleeping.
You're not sure if it really IS a Microsoft thing OR if Bill Gates really makes a couple million dollars per day -

Now who's extrapoleating?!
Your. Point?

I want to be a Mac person.
Well, I once wanted a pony.

Now do you get it?
Unrealistic little dreamer. As if you'll ever be able to afford one?

Aw, c'mon, extrapoleate how cheap technology gets -
Ouch. The extrapoleation we were all afraid of bites.

Okay, that's about it, because CS and MLOR went off fistfighting. For something called common sense, CS doesn't display a lot of it (MLOR is bigger than her)...

*type of citrus fruit. Sorta sour.

**Suit! Aren't I funny!! Did you spot the S? You get 196184682756873817638165981637846 bonus XPert points on your quizes in the Unauthorized X Files!!

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