Thursday, January 11, 2007

No, I won't stop it with the videos!!

Check this one out! They certainly put a lot of thought into this... I suspect eleven-year-olds.


theatre said...

eleven year olds? the house they filmed it in was kinda midle age, and their music choice would probably been something from weird al

CosimaCat said...

What's weird al?

Anyway I have twelve - no, twenty-four - very good reasons to know a lot about eleven-year-olds. And I sometimes refer to my house - mom's house - as, well, my house. Obviously.

Well, I dunno... I'd've used, Jack Johnson probably, maybe Pato Banton, I have an uncanny penchant for Pato Banton music... And like I said I have uncanny knowledge into the ways and means of eleven year olds, from at least, three different and hard-to-recreate cultural backgrounds and a myraid of sources... Wait, did I spell that right?

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