Thursday, November 02, 2006

Wool Jackets, Font Tags, and Song Parodies, Oh My!

I am wearing lightweight pants and a (lightweight-ish) red wool jacket. Hooray for winter!

Also this is a song of mine, to the tune of... what's that one that begins, Joseph's face was as black as the night/ The pale yellow moon shone in his eyes/ His path was thought out/ Like the stars of the Southern Hemisphere/ And he lived his days/ Under African Skies// This is the story of how we begin to remember/ This is the powerful pulsing of love in the veins/ After a dream of calling and calling your name out...? I think it's called "African Skies" or "Under African Skies" but I'm not sure. Anyway, this is to the tune of that. And the "a-dumba dumba dumba whoa-oh-oh"s are sort of rhythm things, in the background. Without further ado;

this is the story of a girl who fought to remember
against the pressure of society and the world, yeah
she knew those who said they knew best mostly didn't
because what they told her was to forget
a-dumba-dumba-dumba- whoa-oh-oh
she searched and didn't find, what world she belonged in
she dreamed of a magical world to which she could not get
blinded by longing, she followed the path laid out
with resentment but not a thought of "out you get"
until one day she was shocked into opening her eyes, yeah
and broke out of the dismal template they had set
a-dumba-dumba-dumba- whoa-oh-oh
such is the fate of those who fight to remember
an anxious longing for what you can't get
the fate of the philosopher, the curious, the writer
open your eyes and search for something that may not be there

this is the feeling of calling a name, yeah
a name quite dusty but never forgotten, never, yeah
silently screaming hopelessly one word
silently searching, to whom might the word belong

dust off the grimy parcel that you recovered
from the back of your mind, condemned to death
by those who fear, therefore hate, the imagination
those who to you once listened but no more

a-dumba-dumba-dumba- whoa-oh-oh

so dust off your parcel and sing, sing with me
that name never quite forgotten
perhaps a title, perhaps someone not here no more
I'll take that chance, what do you say, now

a-dumba-dumba-dumba- whoa-oh-oh

this is the story of how you should try to remember
you who's path is a star-stair, come to me
we can fight together against the malignancies of ignorance
you and me, and all the others, we'll be free

so take that key from around your neck and unlock this cage of uncertainty
a-dumba-dumba-dumba- whoa-oh-oh

this is the story of how she began to remember
this is how she calls, she calls your name now
she who followed a path, a path to the stars

a-dumba-dumba-dumba- whoa-oh-oh

there are life-paths laid out in constellations
who's path is a star-stair to greater things
they who's dreams are of calling, of calling a name now
your path is a star-stair, follow it, break free, now

a-dumba-dumba-dumba- whoa-oh-oh

this is the story of how she began to remember
this is how she calls, she calls your name now
this is the story of how i began to remember
this is how i call, i call your name now

a-dumba-dumba-dumba- whoa-oh-oh
a-dumba-dumba-dumba- whoa-oh-oh

The words are mine, and I have the right to turn plagiarist into pancakes and eat them for breakfast. Also, there may be grammatical/ Spelling errors as most of this was written without a handy-dandy Parental Unit Spell Checker, Dictionary and Thesaurus.

And font tags are evil. Blogger keeps inserting them. Gah! Ban the Font tags!!!

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