Friday, January 12, 2007

The week feels like a month; the prelude to the week-end feels like just another day. Sigh...


Every day I'd come home from school so exausted from the veritable sensory overload that I was expecting the weekend to be staring me in the face. Instead came an unsatisfactory afternoon and more school in the morning. Am I not sleeping enough? Heck yes.

And to top it off, all the downloads I had going on my iTunes were disrupted so they are starting afresh - eight of them anyway. Also I am disgruntled at Apple. The only episode of the Macworld Keynote Address is 1.21 gigabytes. That's more than 1 and 1/5th the capacity of an iPod shuffle (which is what I had before I got the thankfully formatted-capacity-27.84-gigabytes-iPod-named-
Michael-(no-I-haven't-forgotten))!!! I mean, why couldn't they be reasonable and split it into, say, 1/5th of a gig portions? Some of us don't have wireless and some of us (i. e. me) who do have wireless don't have fast wireless (remind me to rant about that later) nor 18 hours for it to download!! What were Apple thinking?!!?!?!?!

PS - Now it says 19 hours. I repeat, what did they think they were thinking?

PPS - I have a mild sniffle. I just sneezed. I will never know why my sneezes smell like cats. Something sweet, and cats.

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