Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The best explination is the letter of comlaint.

I found the Sonic Impact website and thought I might as well have a go at their customer service. The letter is the best explination since I detailed all corresponding events.

"I recived a Sonic Impact speaker set for the iPod Shuffle for christmas, since my family does the whole santa claus thing I don't know where it was bought. I didn't know where my iPod shuffle was but I tried it with a CD player I hadn't used in a while and the sound was distorted. I wasn't sure if that was the CD player or the speakers though.
Then for a late hannukah/christmas gift I got a 30GB iPod (black, BTW) and so I decided to test it with that.
So I plugged it in and I was like, "well I don't think Jack Johnson's voice is really that quiet in relation to the music on that song but oh well, I think it's fine"; then I decided as the ultimate test I'd put on the original song it had so much trouble with, since I had ripped it to iTunes.
And it distorted it in the same way! So here I am with a pair of speakers that aren't designed for my primary music player and, on top of it all, don't WORK! So I was wondering what I can do; if possible I'd like to exchange them for something compatible with my video iPod, but I'm not sure if that's possible... A refund might be nice, but I don't know: I have the packaging, but I don't know where to return it, and I have no idea if there's a proof-of-purchase or not, I have to talk to my mom, but since I found this website I thought I might as well go for it.
Since I live in Mexico, please email me back to contact me.
I hope this'll work out!

With all due respect,

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