Sunday, November 05, 2006


I'm giving people pseudonyms or using their initials or using the initials of their pseudonyms. Anyway, some characters in this romp called my life:

  • Mrs. V.-M.
    My idol. She's smart, she's nice, she's an artist/photographer/jounalist, and she likes cats [and has 18]. What's not to like about her?

  • Dudette
    Girl in my school, in 6A. American.

  • Ms. K.
    My teacher. Don't like her much; we both have a talent for saying the exact thing to get the other fuming.

  • Dude
    Used to be in my school, also known by Hated Pinhead (not to be confused with Harry Potter). Evil. Mean. Dudette's best friend's brother. Lives in LP.

  • G H
    My best (guy) friend. (JUST A FRIEND, MIND YOU) Very nice, is very good at controlling his anger and seems to get along with everyone (complete opposite of yours truly) Loves cats. Has two brothers. Could probably recognize himself if he was reading this. If he is, tell him I say "hi", Computer.

  • Mini-Dude (MD =D that's funny) (not to be confused with Little Dude)
    Dude's little brother-- impolite, infuriating, and has baby-kid impunity. Very annoying and sometimes curses and/or tries to hit you with anything he can get his grubby little hands on. Hates showers, which is why I described his hands as "grubby".

  • Little Dude (LD)
    Dudette's little brother. Her whole family is being called "dude" or related words, by the way; it seems to me that they're all sort of surfer-ish people, so in a way it was a compliment.

  • Mr. and Mrs. D
    Dudette, Big Dude, and Little Dude's parents

  • Big Dude (BD)
    Dudette's big brother; two years older than her and sort of short; the Big Dude was a joke.

  • Mr. H
    G's dad. Very nice. Cook.

  • Mrs. H
    G's (man, it's hard getting used to these psuedonyms) mom. Also very nice. Actually, let's just say, HIS WHOLE FAMILY IS NICE, so I don't have to keep repeating.

  • Jerry
    Mrs. V.-G.'s husband. Sort of nice, in a way, but a vicious teaser and annoying, except on the 30th of February; the 31st of September, November, April, and May, etc.

  • V H
    G's other brother; 15, I think. I don't see him much; he's not around as much as the other two. Likes to surf and skateboard.

  • D H
    G's oldest brother; as of today, almost 18. Funny, homeschooled, computer person, trickster. Answers the phone a lot because it's by the computer; one time I called, and, as usual, he answered...
    Me: Hi, it's Cosima
    D: Oh, hi, Cosima (G's family, Mrs. N, and a few others are the only people who call me by my first name most of the time)
    Me: Hi, D. Can I speak to G?
    D: Sure. Hold on.
    *static and random noises and some clunking and cat sounds*
    Me: Hi, G...
    V: Huh?
    Me: Can I please speak to G? ^grumbling^ I am going to kill D...
    So you can see that he is, indeed, a trickster. Meh.

Next, we Meet the Cats!

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