Wednesday, January 31, 2007

iq test

I just took an iq test. I'm dissapointed in myself rather because the last time I took one it came up as 130 and this time I was just 110. Rather pathetic. But, they seemed like sappy people who wanted to make you feel good but slightly stupid. So that explains it. Anyway: the quotes:

Mental abilities have the highest correlation with general intelligence of all objectively measurable abilities and they are the primary focus of this test. Furthermore the mental abilities targeted for measurement were specifically chosen because they have been shown to correlate highly with many other abilities. The graphs below show how you scored in various abilities such as pattern recognition and logical reasoning - skills which are all reliable predictors of academic achievement.

Graphical representation of intelligence scores and percentiles

Intelligence score chart

Pattern Recognition
General Knowledge
Short Term Memory

Intelligence percentile chart

Pattern Recognition
General Knowledge
Short Term Memory

Because I'm not good at anagrams, she spat in her mind. They make me feel like a bloody failure and talking like I am reading Harry Potter (the site's a Brit one) because I'm not good at freaking anagrams. And maybe because I answered truthfully: I don't know in stead of taking a guess. It's all their fault. Right. I really believe that. Not. But maybe if I keep telling myself that I won't cry. Damn hormones, or Brits, or something...

new firefox: hard to get used to.

The new firefox is much better, much cooler, et cetera, et d'arvitting cetera, yada yada. But since the individual "close tab" buttons are on the individual open tabs, I keep confusing myself and, in a hurried quest to click them, close them. This'll take some getting used to...

telcel episode

telcel episode 1 beta
So when mom went to LP yesterday she was planning on getting a cell phone but didn't because she had wanted a car charger too.

telcel episode
So we were going to go by the two telcel distributors in todos but they were siesta-ing and, we were told, would be until four - and it was one.

So, telcel episode 2.0 beta will be if we manage to go tomorrow.

why telcel episodes 1,, 2.0 beta, etc?
because that's a similar way in which versions of firefox are named. First there's the beta which they give to people who debug it, then there's the beta-beta they give to the addon developers, then there's what all of us humans get.

what else is new today?
on digg I am geekinminiature and on I am now . Because I have to have a membership in anything remotely geeky which I shall then forget about after a couple of months and be relived that it hasn't been hacked but stayed right where I wanted it, in my bookmarks and saved passwords.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Little Red Riding Hood needs glasses

Ok, the title was completelly random.

But, there's a municipal escolta competition (Feb. 15 and 16 in LP) - and there are two categories, girls and boys. Which means that from the ashes of our humble co-ed escolta were born two of them to be educated in full formals.

You know I'm in it!

But what position?

Flag carrier.

Flag d'arvitting carrier.

I'm so exited!!!!!!!!!!!

You know, I really don't move much. But whenever we stop I have to put the flag down without looking.

There are going to be some pretty cool diagrams up I think, since Wed. I don't have to go to school because my teacher, Mrs. K, is leaving during recess and though she trusts me to do the homework, she knows most of the others won't and so that's what they'll be doing.

Then on Thursday I get ID pics taken at school.

Then no school Friday or Monday.

Tee hee...

Sunday, January 28, 2007

surf pics

Sorry if this takes a LONG! TIME! to upload. I didn't have time to shrink the pics.

that camera of yours

About my camera for surf photography:

"yeah it isn't very good for movement"

"No it isn't especially when I'm taking it REALLY REALLY FAST! I WANT THIS PHOTO RIGHT! FREAKING! NOW!"

Today however I got some of my bestest best ever surf photos with the people even up on boards. I also took a ton of pelicans because I am trying to get a decent pelikan shot


Yes, I do. I have iPods on the brain - not even my impending glasses have managed to uproot the general amazingness of Michael from my mind!

So the current thing is headphones. Thing is, I've thought around-ear headphones were SO COOL since I first saw a picture of them (in a muse article about a guy who invented a whole language from scratch for a video game). Before then I had thought that they were all on-top-of ear headphones, and earbuds. What was I thinking? Before it was what you're used to, it was bigger, seems to be the basic law of computer stuff for my generation (what are we? I don't fit in to X - X is, what, I think 15-25? I'm Generation Geek. But that's just me!).

So. Headphones. Yeah. That. Did you know that my folder called headphones... well, here's the domain deal (I don't know if domain applies but you know what I mean, right?) in FireFox (which I recommend!!) is:

Bookmarks toolbar folder (duh! required for it to show up in the tool bar!!)

(I don't know if the formatting will show up right)

Ok, so you are asking why apple? Because iPod is in Apple.

So you are asking why iPod (if you haven't dozed off yet?)? Because I'd want to use it with Michael for the songs that have nice bass and stuff, and also because earbuds leak sound like CRAZY, though they are great quality (the apple ones).

Headphones should be self explanatory.

And around-ear is, obviously, for the around-ear ones!!

Thus concludes my babbling!

Saturday, January 27, 2007



You really wanted to know whether I need them, did you not?

Here's the deal:
We went to Costco, and so, I got this appointment with this lady who's the doctor, eye doctor, what's that called? - her name was... let's call her A, she was really nice - and so we did this whole big huge eye test thing with different glasses and lenses and stuff. I talked a lot because I talk a lot anyway but when I'm nervous I REALLY ramble. So when it's done I tried on all these glasses and stuff.

Have you guessed yet? I need glasses. We ordered them. She said they'd be ready by the 9th or the 10th. Of February.

They're pretty nice, all bronze-y... I'll post a photo.

Okay so we were looking at the glasses, and mom comes in, she was putting the groceries in the pickup and she says that

This guy was looking at her funny so she kind of stayed there to check that he wasn't gonna steal our dog food which was in the back and which is serious buisness seeing as it feeds our three large dogs for a month and so probably costs quite a bit. Then all these unmarked cars pulled up and cops came out! waving guns! "Get down get down" and handcuffs and all that I think, I don't know I wasn't there, I was discussing the pros and cons of looking like Harry Potter if you can see. Jokingly. Some of the glasses were that round.
Well so by the time we got out there the cops (one of whom had told mom, "move on move on nothing to see here" to which mom replied "it's my car!") were gone, the guy's car was gone, yada yada.
The dog food was there though.

So grandma's gone, she called a bit before four (impressive considering we dropped her off around 8:30) to tell us she got home fine, says it's snowy and she misses our clear skies with sun who belatedly came to wave bye bye, as if in apology for the crappy weather most of her three week trip. She left me with more clothes (much needed. They are bigger.), a couple dresser drawers reluctant to shut, black curtains for my closet, and the fact that I miss her, though I won't miss sleeping on the couch.


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

PS to the post before

These are the ones I got.

The best explination is the letter of comlaint.

I found the Sonic Impact website and thought I might as well have a go at their customer service. The letter is the best explination since I detailed all corresponding events.

"I recived a Sonic Impact speaker set for the iPod Shuffle for christmas, since my family does the whole santa claus thing I don't know where it was bought. I didn't know where my iPod shuffle was but I tried it with a CD player I hadn't used in a while and the sound was distorted. I wasn't sure if that was the CD player or the speakers though.
Then for a late hannukah/christmas gift I got a 30GB iPod (black, BTW) and so I decided to test it with that.
So I plugged it in and I was like, "well I don't think Jack Johnson's voice is really that quiet in relation to the music on that song but oh well, I think it's fine"; then I decided as the ultimate test I'd put on the original song it had so much trouble with, since I had ripped it to iTunes.
And it distorted it in the same way! So here I am with a pair of speakers that aren't designed for my primary music player and, on top of it all, don't WORK! So I was wondering what I can do; if possible I'd like to exchange them for something compatible with my video iPod, but I'm not sure if that's possible... A refund might be nice, but I don't know: I have the packaging, but I don't know where to return it, and I have no idea if there's a proof-of-purchase or not, I have to talk to my mom, but since I found this website I thought I might as well go for it.
Since I live in Mexico, please email me back to contact me.
I hope this'll work out!

With all due respect,

Verbal diarea

"Whatever I say is going to end up on your blog!"

"That's because you're smarter than me!"

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Why not to learn DOS, and why my reasons not to are sadly laughable... kind of.

I'm trying REALLY hard to learn the DOS command prompts and all, but, pleeze. It's a Microsoft thing, jeez. I'm doing it because I promised The Fortune Telling Lady that I would... But. But but but but - ! Here's my line of reasoning which common sense keeps surpressing (common sense is very rude. Common sense is an opressor. My Line Of Reasoning (hence known as MLOR(D?)) is considering taking Common Sense (hence known as CS) to court before the League of Nations (in my little imaginary world, they exist. Nyah-nyah.), the UN (for no particular reason), Amnesty International, and an orang-utang eating a tangeloaf*. I bet CS will be able to afford a better lawyer. People pay CS for counseling sesions because, CS really isn't that common - but then they do whatever it was that they were going to do in the first place... but, CS still has the money. Their suits may be chronicled later. Along with the wardrobe, I might even catalog the proceedings**). Okay, MLOR with commentary from (sarcastic as always) CS.
DOS is a Microsoft thing?
Yes. Some of us knew that.

Saw-reee... I didn't!
For someone with a supposedly 130 IQ, you sure act like an idiot. You also act your age.

You know IQ isn't really a judgement of inteligence-

Wait - if it's a Microsoft thing (or at least I think it's a Microsoft thing... er... one of the sites said MS DOS, didn't it....?), why did Michael Moscovitz have some manuals on it? I thought he was an iMac/Linux person...
That's the ONLY REASON?!

No, it is NOT the only reason. But mention of it made me think about it.
You're just doing this because you want to be like Michael Moscovitz in the Princess Diaries books which you happen to be re-reading, nyah nyah...

In the SMART, songwriting, guitar-playing, program-writing, website-designing, iMac-and-Linux-using -
And here we get to the crux of the matter!

Shuddup. ANYWAY. In the... where was I? Oh yes... iMac-and-Linux-using sense... but do I want to be a boy?.... nah. Not on your life.
Get to the d'arvitting point...

It's a Microsoft thing. An Evil Empire related thing. Something related to The Nerd Who Makes Thousands Of Dollars While Sleeping.
You're not sure if it really IS a Microsoft thing OR if Bill Gates really makes a couple million dollars per day -

Now who's extrapoleating?!
Your. Point?

I want to be a Mac person.
Well, I once wanted a pony.

Now do you get it?
Unrealistic little dreamer. As if you'll ever be able to afford one?

Aw, c'mon, extrapoleate how cheap technology gets -
Ouch. The extrapoleation we were all afraid of bites.

Okay, that's about it, because CS and MLOR went off fistfighting. For something called common sense, CS doesn't display a lot of it (MLOR is bigger than her)...

*type of citrus fruit. Sorta sour.

**Suit! Aren't I funny!! Did you spot the S? You get 196184682756873817638165981637846 bonus XPert points on your quizes in the Unauthorized X Files!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Post with much white space... er, blue space.

Today when dad and I got to the office, I got a bit of a scare.

My hard drive was out of memory!!

But I ran a thingie and everything was all right.

Or was it?

I'm going to try to put stuff on cds now...

...and ask for external hard drives for my birthday.

Just in case.

Since my goal is to be able to download Audacity.

(Which will take space)

to be able to record songs and podcasts.

(which will take more space)

So I need space!

Maybe if I put AdSense on a blog or two I'd get enough money to buy some more space?

That's certainly a possiblity worth looking into...

Who I'm jealous of.

Look, I'm speaking my mind in these two lines, without even trying to be polite.
So I don't know if you really want to read this.
Now that you've been warned, read if you want to.
But don't get mad at me.
There's free speech in Mexico, right?

I envy people who don't have to carefully tiptoe between their parents.
I also envy people who can speak their minds.

Friday, January 19, 2007

There is a fine line between Bhuddism and me, and a fine line between iPhones and insanity

1. Interviewer: Find a globe.
Me: There is no globe.
Interviewer: Spin it.
Me: There is no globe.
Interviewer: What does it say?
Me: There is no globe!
2. Interviewer: Find a book.
Me: There is no book.
Interviewer: Turn to page 53, line 3, word, 6. What is it?
Me: There is no word!
3. Interviewer: What can you hear right now?
Me: I cannot truly hear anything now, as I have not achived nirvana. My ears are only figments of my imagination, a demonstration of the stubborness of human nature. There are no sounds.
4. Interviewer: Have a conversaition with the closest living thing besides yourself.
Me: There are no living things.
5. Interviewer: Turn the TV on. What show is it?
Me: There is no TV.
6. Interviewer: Type your name with your elbow.
Me: I have no name.
7. Interviewer: Stand up. Close your eyes. Spin around three times. Open your eyes. What do you see?
Me: I cannot truly see anything now, as I have not achived nirvana. My eyes are only figments of my imagination, a demonstration of the stubborness of human nature. There are no sights.
8. Interviewer: If you could be anyone from Warriors who would you be?
Me: There are no warriors. Warriors cannot achive nirvana.
9. Interviewer: Find the third letter of all your answers. Underline them. What do they spell?
Me: There are no answers.
10. Interviewer: Apologize to your readers.
Me: There are no readers!
11. Interviewer: Indeed, I doubt most could put up with you. Still, you should thank them -
Me: There is no them!
12. Interviewer: You are being difficult!
Me: There is no difficult; there is only your perception of difficult, which is relative from infinite but fleeting moment to infinite but fleeting moment. There is no clear line between you and me. There is no interviewer. Go away.
13. Interviewer: No! You can't make me dissolve and scatter to the four winds! You can't do this! I'm the head wizard of the society of wizards! You're not allowed to melt me! What's in this?
Me: Soapsuds.
14. Interviewer: Soapsuds! That's demeaning! You can't do this to me! You'll see! You can't melt a wizard foreve...

Oversized Squirrel: Phew. That got rid of the interviewer! Now for the witnesses...
Oversized Squirrel: Huh?
OS: *turns into OS X*
Me: There is no OS X there is no OS X there is an iPhone
OS X: *turns into iPhone*
Me: Cool!

Still raining

Here's some funnies for rainy days:

Check this out, oh ye conspiracy theorists

Broadcasted to you from the windowless, heat-less basement office.

Woke up, rolled out of bed/ dragged a comb across my head... and for what?

I woke up at five, rolled out of bed, showered, got dressed, etc... and it's raining and there's no school. ce la vie. No fair!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

And the clock face was a green blur.


Yestarday I got an improptu eye-test. I do not have very good long distance vision. Since that was a held-together-with-tape-spit-and-prayers affair like most improptu things down here (or up here to people in South Africa *hint, hint... Get it? It's a reference to a reader...*) the verdict will not be sure until I make it down to LC and get to Cosco where there is an eye doctor who does glasses.

And the direct result of this is that I couldn't see the clock face in the morning, as it is digital and only about an inch high, and so when a rustling jarred me into full awareness I could not tell that it wasn't the six-fourty-five I thought it was, it was five fourty five.

Thus why I'm on the computer at six-twenty-five. There's still thirty-five minutes to go... *sigh*.

Read this part at your own risk. It's my uncensored thoughts carelessly allowed to escape by a groggy brain.
Since you probably can't see the following but bravely elected to explore ahead, I pity you. Press ctrl and + until it's large enough if you're on a dell or a toshiba or what. After you've read it and regret it press ctrl and - until it's the size it was before.
The crux of the matter, the irritating part, is that -person- said when -they- were telling -someone- about it "she thinks she needs glasses." Um, yeah, I think I need glasses! I couldn't see the d'arvitting board!! (which is, incidentally, how Daddy found out. He had a really mean math teacher and when he thought a five was a three or vice versa, I'm not quite sure, in a crucial equasion, the teacher marked the whole thing as wrong. So he came home unhappy and (surprise surprise) his parents asked him what was wrong and lo and behold, they took him to get an eye test and today he is my daddy who can only read without glasses. Read books. Er, kind of close to his face sometimes too.) I think that's PRETTY GOOD GROUNDS FOR THINKING I NEED GLASSES!!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

New blogs

I now have three new blogs that will be podcasts someday - those of you with iTunes keep an eye out for

In the shadow of the dragon
What lurks in the shadow of that great big lizard? Among other things, an uber-opinionated adolescent.

The Dragon's Shadow
What's hiding in the shadow of the dragon? Well, this video podcast, for one thing.

Banana Smoothie
Add a couple nuts to the banana, and you might start to understand what resemblance a bag of mixed nuts bears to the entire west wing of the Galactic Mental Hospital. Better yet, perhaps you'll understand this podcast.

More Blogs Than God
More randomness? I expect so. The dustbin, the "misc." folder, of my existence; the name was dad's idea.

When wakes the Cat

I was woken up this morning at, six or so by rain rain rain rain raining loudly. On the trailer. Eeeeep...

The harsher rain which woke me up ended at about 6:23 according to my watch. But it kept raining. It may still be raining for all I know...

That's it for now.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

If the name fits, it's a glove... or something.

Its raining. When I woke up I don't know if it was raining. But the cats woke me up, yowling, "OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT..." and racing around like maniacs... its raining maniac cats ha ha. They knocked a mirror over, but it didn't break. This was at six in the morning mind you. Once it was light enough I went over to the window to check because it sounded like the wind in the palm trees and it was raining. No wind though so you wouldn't know it, it wasn't pattering against the windows, but I know that palm-leaf sound, yes I do.

That's a tiny bit more reasonable...

Now the iTunes download claims it'll take 5 - wait, no 4 - 5 - 4, yes, its settled on four - hours to download. That's just an itsy bitsy tiny bit better then 19, isn't it?!

Friday, January 12, 2007

The week feels like a month; the prelude to the week-end feels like just another day. Sigh...


Every day I'd come home from school so exausted from the veritable sensory overload that I was expecting the weekend to be staring me in the face. Instead came an unsatisfactory afternoon and more school in the morning. Am I not sleeping enough? Heck yes.

And to top it off, all the downloads I had going on my iTunes were disrupted so they are starting afresh - eight of them anyway. Also I am disgruntled at Apple. The only episode of the Macworld Keynote Address is 1.21 gigabytes. That's more than 1 and 1/5th the capacity of an iPod shuffle (which is what I had before I got the thankfully formatted-capacity-27.84-gigabytes-iPod-named-
Michael-(no-I-haven't-forgotten))!!! I mean, why couldn't they be reasonable and split it into, say, 1/5th of a gig portions? Some of us don't have wireless and some of us (i. e. me) who do have wireless don't have fast wireless (remind me to rant about that later) nor 18 hours for it to download!! What were Apple thinking?!!?!?!?!

PS - Now it says 19 hours. I repeat, what did they think they were thinking?

PPS - I have a mild sniffle. I just sneezed. I will never know why my sneezes smell like cats. Something sweet, and cats.

Another mystery to ponder, when I have time

After an hour or so, I returned to my computer to find it was logged into mom's half of it, with the mouse in the control pannel inquiring about Communications tools. Mind you I had not logged into hers. I suspect cat meddling, but what would they have to learn from inspecting preloaded tools such as "Fax", ect.? Don't scoff. Cats are smart. I've even read a book written by one.

Also since many people in my class have been asking, "do you have msn?" I belive I shall do some research into what exactly that is, and if I like the sound of it I'll AAP: Ask A Parent. Why do I tell you this? Well, to put it bluntly if you will, I have nothing much better to do.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

No, I won't stop it with the videos!!

Check this one out! They certainly put a lot of thought into this... I suspect eleven-year-olds.

Is the identification worth it? Naaah...

I just got an odd comment inviting me to make money on the web through a badly-grammared blogger. No, thank you! *mutters* sounds just like the people we was warned about in Kiki Strike, that it does precious, good thing we hasn't met anyone like that in real life, yessss... *flinches* Aah! Caught during a Gollum impersonation, we was, precious!

And here I was hoping I'd take after Mom in that...

Today, for the first time this year and perhaps in a month or more, my teacher wrote on the board and made use of the Enciclomedia system*

*Computer system installed in many Mexican schools which, among other things, includes a COMPUTER!... obviously... which most professors have no idea how to manage until they get a itsy bitsy tiny crash course in, basically, clicking and MicrosoftWord (and how stuck up they are that they can touch the mouse! Speaking in reference to my own, erm, affliction known as Ms. K only) ... and a projector thingie that projects (I never would've guessed!) what's on the screen onto the whiteboard (those markers STINK!bloody murder) which is one way I discovered this. Back to the future:

and that is how I discovered the uncomfortable truth...

The words on the screen, in both cases, delighted in transforming into little red, blue, and black blurs. On the videos I kept thinking they were animation because the edges blurred and looked stylized; all in all I had a miserable time trying to figure out which number was which and how many digits it had.

All of which points towards one solution:

Like my dad, I need glasses. I just realized it two years after he did.

And I was hoping I'd take after Mom in that...

No sugar? No way!

I just tried a new drink that claims to be just apple juice, carbonated. While the ingredients list is long and horribly small, nothing I could make out sounded like sugar. Why am I sounding like a middle-aged person when I have an - I mean, a kid's eyesight? Well, teh sad truth about that will be explained next, and the "teh" was on purpose. As long as I'm talking about something sad I'd better make it a wee bit more cheerful by misspelling something what strikes me as funny, and yes I do talk like I type. If anything more, er, flowery. Spanish leans towards the flowery.

I live up to my name

It's RAINING! Where are the CATS and FROGS?

Humor aside it's a good thing I like rain and that my sniffle is only that, as being sent out for lunch and then for a drink for meself goes on regardless of the weather, as geeks gotta eat.

Must be the best video ever!!!!

Ooh! Just look at this... It's just about the best, cutest video ever! I mean, at the end I was kind of afraid for the - *Blogger puts a hand over her mouth so she won't spoil anything* - but it turned out alright! And it doesn't get much cuter, unless you're talking about a real-live puppy or better, a kitten....

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Jiggle jiggle bounce bang splat

So. If you haven't noticed my lovely new graphic, you must subscribe via a feed reader or sommat. It goes SPLAT! and spits out lovely shiny information as to who has visited, the record starting... right about... today. And remember one of the views of most are always me me me in my continual checking to make sure my meddeling didn't seriously mess something up. But hey I ain' complainin': it tells me how many people read without compromising their privacy. Sweet, eh?
Ya know what else is "sweet"? Today is mom's b-day. No I ain' tellin' you no age of my parents! There might be a hint... someday... though.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Why oh why oh why oh why oh why oh why oh

WHY? does school have to start back up THIS! D'ARVITTING! MONDAY?!?!?!?!?!? I was only just getting used to vacation and despite ten hours of sleep a (meep*)ing day I'm still tired all the time so back to seven hours maybe and I'm still exhausted all the time and if I die from exhaustion, Mom or whoever, sue the SEP for all they're worth, please. Okay that was a joke. But I don't think I'm supposed to feel exhausted all the time. It can't be healthy can it? And then stupid stupid stupid school comes butting in, "Oh? Are you tired perchance? Okay! Here's a bouncing check for -1,000,000,... (thousands of zeros here) ...000,000 hours of sleep, you'll have to repay it out of your own personal sleeping time! Oh you don't by any chance hate me now do you? I knew you wouldn't!!" (inaccurate - between lack of sleep and The World's Most Horrible Teacher Who Should be Run Through A Combine Harvester Backwards, Again and Again I am seriously, completely and thoroughly, HATING SCHOOL WAAAAAAAAA)

Oh. My God, part 3

This is pretty much the case I have for mine but without the silver "iSnug" - it's more embossed-ish in the black rubber plastic thing coating. I wanted one of these (in black preferably, but red is nice, and blue is nice too, though red is nicer, and as a last result? I'd even consider pink...) cases and some socks - for protective padding - but this thing seems to be quite, er, padded on its own, so those will be relocated to the "other" subcategory of my (meticulously organized... kind of) wish-list. Hey, I'm happy! You should be too! The festival of Grandma Day has begun, and will be extended to three weeks...


Cat's grandma has come down (with gifts, more on the suitcase troubles later) and will be staying for three weeks. She came down the 6th.

Oh. My God, part 2

I was considering doing a total Angelique on the iPod - which I got a case for but more later - although someone called me a Raining Noodles ripoff - more on that later - but then decided I really don't care what that person says, and that since I'm totally in love with the iPod I might as well - for those of you unenlightened, the Bryan Thing. (On second thought I didn't link to that, but the gist?: she named her pink MP3 (possibly MP4 how do I know) player "Bryan" which I thought was cute.) So. Well. I don't care what that person says (the comment is on the disclaimer post and I will be bashing it ruthlessly (of course ruthlessly! I don't know anyone named Ruth!!) soooon!!) and my iPod got a name last night. Not my boyfriend though. Just a friend. A friend who plays music coolness! The name is Michael. And before you start making assumptions I'm not quite sure whether its a boy or a girl, I just thought Michael suits, and anyway I once knew a girl named Michael so that's why it could be either. Have a nice day now.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

How to make the Internet slow

Just realized that since the MuggleCast episode I am downloading is more than 612% bigger than the missing 60 second science episodes, I could download several 60SS at a time while downloading the MuggleCast episode and cheerfully put my theory to the test, thus probably slightly hindering the resulting Internet connection but improving my mood greatly. Something like that.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Oh. My God.

I - the mysterious present was - its that - well - I was right, you see, I guessed because it was...

A 30GB video iPod.


I knew once I saw the one side of the box, "30GB 7500 songs PC + Mac". I got it yestarday. It's in my pocket. It's black and it is SO COOL. It even came with some games on ;)

Thursday, January 04, 2007


When I read the comment from Alex on my "disclaimer" I was torn in between not publishing it and being really nasty. Since if you present me with two choices and ask which I'd like I pick the third, I decided I'd be passive/aggressive but appear to be polite, i. e. by publishing the comment which really offended me:

sorry, but this is kind of a raining noodles ripoff...?
But that's the extent of the politeness - I'm going all-out, refined-uranium-bomb, brute force, flame-war-starting NASTY (something that DOES NOT look like ketchup drips from the word at this point), because I had no idea one sentence could destroy my little happy place I had built, like a shrine, around my blog.

So let's attack it point by a-bomb - force point. Backwards. In no particular order. No, backwards. No, lack of particular orders is FUN FUN FUN. So let's do that.

I was highly offended when your comment arrived at my inbox. You see, I had actually built myself a little of that odd thing called
self esteem, and wasn't very happy when your tactless comment scattered all that to the winds. I am very surprised I am not binging on chocolate right now and in search of a cat (comfort factors) but if I end up doing so, the bill's on you. Why? Well, here's a point-by-point of what exactly you did so wrong and why you made me cry, along with plentiful verbal abuse (i. e. Reducing you to Tatters by the Vicious Lashings of my Extremely Pointed Tongue), point by point, by point. By point...:
What a question! Perhaps the fact that the title contains the word "raining"? (I indeed did want to do a title with the word raining in it in tribute to her, but that was the extent of it, blockhead extraordinaire!!) Surely since she used that word in her blog, she must own the word! And I suppose following that same logic, I can't eat noodles either? Or name MP3 players?
Or maybe it's the fact that I sync all styled text to match my blog colors, like *gasp* Angelique does. Well guess what bud. You do it too. Does that mean I can visit your blog (which I did to get material for this bashing) and say, you are a raining noodles ripoff?
Oh no! It must be the fact that this is a diary of sorts, a reservoir of chicken noodle soup (actually I prefer tomato) for one's soul! Because of course only Angelique can have a nice big reservoir of chicken noodle soup, which, FYI, I think you just put all that horse manure in. Yes, that big clod. Right there. Here's the net. Scoop it out and reap your own foul harvest.
Maybe this is news to you: just because someone says/does/thinks something, doesn't mean they own it. Just because I exclaim MONKEY! randomly doesn't mean I was the first to do it (thought that is under serious and earnest dispute). Just because you like, say, potatoes, doesn't mean you can forbid everyone else to like potatoes because, Oh dear!, you like them.

This, in my opinion, was the worst bit, the crusher, the I-can't-believe-you-did-that. What, you are asking, exactly did I do? Well, you threw up a smokescreen of politeness so that if I persecuted you you could point to that and whine, "but I was polite!" I don't know if you did it intentionally and I don't care. As far as I'm concerned you're mean and you do everything bad intentionally.

Ooh! Bad move, this is almost as bad as the "sorry". Why? You left it up to me to decide if I was a ripoff or not, and it's been eating me viciously ever since I received the email. You really hurt my feelings, bud, and you know, you should think twice about doing stuff like that. Karma and all will make your life a misery if I have any luck. Maybe the Lords of Karma will even send a Walker! (see Dianna Wynne Jones' book Conrad's Fate)

You are evil.

So, now that you know what you did wrong, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!

As (relatively) sincerely as always,
Cosima"Cat" Rose.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Out with the old disclaimer, but in case you missed it:

Due to the fluctuating nature of the various realities and the fact that this is all from My Point of View, many people may think this account is innacurate though in my eyes it is nothing but the purest truth. However, due to the aforementioned fluctuation in the question of Points Of View, many parts of this are or will appear to be made up, including this paragraph.

Kudos if you could read that.

And the new one informs you that

I child-proofed my blog, but I still got in.

Why does everything have to be in the same two-month period?

Holiday stress like smoke in my vision clears to reveal... my parents' birthdays. So much for clear vision.

Indeedilly deedilly deed, my parents' birthdays are the 7th and the 9th. Indeedilly deedilly deed I won't tell you how old they are. My grandma comes down the 6th. Everything is happening at once waaaaaaaaa

I pwn them

Cosima Rose made billions from creating a computer that allows you to take pictures with your eyes and went on to have more than 100 patents, all computer tecnology.

'How will you be remembered in history books?' at

Knowing HTML pays off.
I edited that.
I so pwn them!

Why I really need to find out how to do mastheads

... but you've seen that one before.

Yeah. It is.


Simple and true. To plagarists and civilians alike.

Hard to read, indeed - but blame the weather for that, too.

Yea, there is a brush called butterflies.

Made without even using a pen tablet.

PhotoShop has so many cool filters, including Noise.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Everyone will get what they deserve

all content copyright Plagarists will be pulled through a combine harvester backwards. The procedure will be repeated on survivors.

Adieu to 2006, part 1

I think I went to sleep around 4:17 on 1rst January 2006, because I looked at my watch so I could write this when I was awake again, which turned out to be in between 8:15 and 8:30. Today is NEW YEAR'S DAY, 2007. We (the H whole H familly, and Mom and I and Mr. P and Miss Fortune) went to the Hotel California and the reason I ended up at the H family's house was because I needled and pleaded and rationalized Mom and Mrs. H into letting me sleep over. There were tons of red roses on the tables and counters. Dinner was a buffet and the deserts were REALLY good. Mom gave Mr. H the four pack of Martinelli's nonalcoholic apple champagne and G and I drank, on average, one bottle each. We had such a hard time getting anything that vaugely resembled a champagne flue or that was even made of glass, because the people behind the counter who know G said go to the bar, and so we went to the bar and we said, "can we have two champagne flues?"
The bartender went, "you can't have champagne."
"No, the glasses for it"
"You can't have champagne!"
So he handed us these stupid little flimsy plastic glasses - as if anyone in her right mind would drink out of a picnic cup on New Year's Eve, and at the hotel* for goodness sake - it's just not right! - and after that I left most of the arguing to G because the bartender wouldn't listen to me.
"Is this for you or your mom?"
"No, for us."
"We can't let you have glass glasses!" (This is all in Spanish mind you)
Meanwhile this really obnoxious guy was saying to me (in Engish)
"Ha ha you want champagne don't you"
"No. Non. Al. Co. Ho. Lic!"
"[I] Don't think they have nonalcoholic - face it you want champagne!" (Don't you hate it when people keep insisting on informing you as to what it is you want, when what you want is nothing of the kind?) (The fountain was full of ice and bottles of champagne - I couldn't help but wonder what they had done with the poor water plants)
"No we brought our own."
We continued in this vein for some time (I think both the bartender and the surfer looking guy I was talking to were well on their way to being thuroughly drunk) until just as the bartender was handing G the two glasses - I'd bet he pulled rank on him since his dad's the head chef - the guy said "Oh! You brought your own nonalcoholic champagne!"
"YEAH." I said loudly, "MARTINELLI'S."
As if that wouldn't be hard enough under normal circumstances, one of the two bands - they had Flashback and some reggae one from LP - were playing really loudly.

There were really cool firedancers and G and I got a really good place to watch but people's heads kept getting in the way - at one point I was leaning forward and would've overbalanced if not for the fact that I had my arms, camera in hand as usual, balanced and leaning precariously on an indifferent guy's shoulders.

**X-Files theme song plays.
Cat: Gee that's weird.
*X-Files theme song stops.
Cat: Thank you.*

There were a couple hundred balloons above the high bit of the courtyard in a great big plastic net thing that was released at 12:00 am (I got a video) and everyone started popping them (I don't know how everyone fit. They sold 300 tickets). I grabbed a silver one and a red one (the two colors they had) and started chasing G, muttering continually stuff like, " 'scuse me, pardon me, in pursuit of a homicidal maniac armed with baloons, should be considered armed and dangerous, chasing him now, 10-4 good buddy, sorry 'bout that civilian, I got places to go, people to see, homicidal maniacs to catch and beat about the head with balloons," (every time I caught up with him we had a balloon fight), "have you seen G perchance? That way? Thanks... GOTCHA! Hey! Geroff - oh! Homicidal maniac on the loose, should be considered highly dangerous to all balloons, DON'T DO THE 'ARMPIT'* !"
Also I saw the person I am denominating 'Dune Boy' because when I met him (he's around 5 yrs older than me) we discussed books and he mentioned he's reading Dune - all of which I have read, tee hee.

*If I'm saying the hotel as if everyone should know it, its the hotel Caaaaaaaaaaaaalifornia! that no one knows if the eagles stayed in or not, the old owners used to say they did, but the old owners also said it had been in the familly for generations PLURAL, which it hadn't. So I don't know.
**Squish the balloon under his arm. Ew.

Where are YOU coming from?

The meek are too meek to inherit

It's Raining Cats and Frogs
And the geek shall inherit the earth.
The GEEK, I said!
Are you hard of hearing or something? The GEEK!

I am a geek.