Sunday, January 28, 2007


Yes, I do. I have iPods on the brain - not even my impending glasses have managed to uproot the general amazingness of Michael from my mind!

So the current thing is headphones. Thing is, I've thought around-ear headphones were SO COOL since I first saw a picture of them (in a muse article about a guy who invented a whole language from scratch for a video game). Before then I had thought that they were all on-top-of ear headphones, and earbuds. What was I thinking? Before it was what you're used to, it was bigger, seems to be the basic law of computer stuff for my generation (what are we? I don't fit in to X - X is, what, I think 15-25? I'm Generation Geek. But that's just me!).

So. Headphones. Yeah. That. Did you know that my folder called headphones... well, here's the domain deal (I don't know if domain applies but you know what I mean, right?) in FireFox (which I recommend!!) is:

Bookmarks toolbar folder (duh! required for it to show up in the tool bar!!)

(I don't know if the formatting will show up right)

Ok, so you are asking why apple? Because iPod is in Apple.

So you are asking why iPod (if you haven't dozed off yet?)? Because I'd want to use it with Michael for the songs that have nice bass and stuff, and also because earbuds leak sound like CRAZY, though they are great quality (the apple ones).

Headphones should be self explanatory.

And around-ear is, obviously, for the around-ear ones!!

Thus concludes my babbling!

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