Wednesday, January 17, 2007

And the clock face was a green blur.


Yestarday I got an improptu eye-test. I do not have very good long distance vision. Since that was a held-together-with-tape-spit-and-prayers affair like most improptu things down here (or up here to people in South Africa *hint, hint... Get it? It's a reference to a reader...*) the verdict will not be sure until I make it down to LC and get to Cosco where there is an eye doctor who does glasses.

And the direct result of this is that I couldn't see the clock face in the morning, as it is digital and only about an inch high, and so when a rustling jarred me into full awareness I could not tell that it wasn't the six-fourty-five I thought it was, it was five fourty five.

Thus why I'm on the computer at six-twenty-five. There's still thirty-five minutes to go... *sigh*.

Read this part at your own risk. It's my uncensored thoughts carelessly allowed to escape by a groggy brain.
Since you probably can't see the following but bravely elected to explore ahead, I pity you. Press ctrl and + until it's large enough if you're on a dell or a toshiba or what. After you've read it and regret it press ctrl and - until it's the size it was before.
The crux of the matter, the irritating part, is that -person- said when -they- were telling -someone- about it "she thinks she needs glasses." Um, yeah, I think I need glasses! I couldn't see the d'arvitting board!! (which is, incidentally, how Daddy found out. He had a really mean math teacher and when he thought a five was a three or vice versa, I'm not quite sure, in a crucial equasion, the teacher marked the whole thing as wrong. So he came home unhappy and (surprise surprise) his parents asked him what was wrong and lo and behold, they took him to get an eye test and today he is my daddy who can only read without glasses. Read books. Er, kind of close to his face sometimes too.) I think that's PRETTY GOOD GROUNDS FOR THINKING I NEED GLASSES!!


Anonymous said...

Yep .. Got the reference, but how do you know it's up? How do we know which way UP the world is in space... infact is there any UP or DOWN in space? Or is the world even round or is it a conspiracy to keep us finding out the truth?

CosimaCat said...

I hear you... Wait! *looks suspicious* Do you watch x-files, or something? *colapses, laughing, from having to hold one of the faces-that-make-her-laugh for too long*. Well... You might like rejected from the x-files: what the cat dragged in... crazy conspiracy theories. Can you guess who's blog it is? Yup, mine. I just can't stop making them! I have fifteen!

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