Saturday, January 27, 2007



You really wanted to know whether I need them, did you not?

Here's the deal:
We went to Costco, and so, I got this appointment with this lady who's the doctor, eye doctor, what's that called? - her name was... let's call her A, she was really nice - and so we did this whole big huge eye test thing with different glasses and lenses and stuff. I talked a lot because I talk a lot anyway but when I'm nervous I REALLY ramble. So when it's done I tried on all these glasses and stuff.

Have you guessed yet? I need glasses. We ordered them. She said they'd be ready by the 9th or the 10th. Of February.

They're pretty nice, all bronze-y... I'll post a photo.

Okay so we were looking at the glasses, and mom comes in, she was putting the groceries in the pickup and she says that

This guy was looking at her funny so she kind of stayed there to check that he wasn't gonna steal our dog food which was in the back and which is serious buisness seeing as it feeds our three large dogs for a month and so probably costs quite a bit. Then all these unmarked cars pulled up and cops came out! waving guns! "Get down get down" and handcuffs and all that I think, I don't know I wasn't there, I was discussing the pros and cons of looking like Harry Potter if you can see. Jokingly. Some of the glasses were that round.
Well so by the time we got out there the cops (one of whom had told mom, "move on move on nothing to see here" to which mom replied "it's my car!") were gone, the guy's car was gone, yada yada.
The dog food was there though.

So grandma's gone, she called a bit before four (impressive considering we dropped her off around 8:30) to tell us she got home fine, says it's snowy and she misses our clear skies with sun who belatedly came to wave bye bye, as if in apology for the crappy weather most of her three week trip. She left me with more clothes (much needed. They are bigger.), a couple dresser drawers reluctant to shut, black curtains for my closet, and the fact that I miss her, though I won't miss sleeping on the couch.


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