Sunday, January 07, 2007

Oh. My God, part 2

I was considering doing a total Angelique on the iPod - which I got a case for but more later - although someone called me a Raining Noodles ripoff - more on that later - but then decided I really don't care what that person says, and that since I'm totally in love with the iPod I might as well - for those of you unenlightened, the Bryan Thing. (On second thought I didn't link to that, but the gist?: she named her pink MP3 (possibly MP4 how do I know) player "Bryan" which I thought was cute.) So. Well. I don't care what that person says (the comment is on the disclaimer post and I will be bashing it ruthlessly (of course ruthlessly! I don't know anyone named Ruth!!) soooon!!) and my iPod got a name last night. Not my boyfriend though. Just a friend. A friend who plays music coolness! The name is Michael. And before you start making assumptions I'm not quite sure whether its a boy or a girl, I just thought Michael suits, and anyway I once knew a girl named Michael so that's why it could be either. Have a nice day now.

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