Wednesday, January 31, 2007

telcel episode

telcel episode 1 beta
So when mom went to LP yesterday she was planning on getting a cell phone but didn't because she had wanted a car charger too.

telcel episode
So we were going to go by the two telcel distributors in todos but they were siesta-ing and, we were told, would be until four - and it was one.

So, telcel episode 2.0 beta will be if we manage to go tomorrow.

why telcel episodes 1,, 2.0 beta, etc?
because that's a similar way in which versions of firefox are named. First there's the beta which they give to people who debug it, then there's the beta-beta they give to the addon developers, then there's what all of us humans get.

what else is new today?
on digg I am geekinminiature and on I am now . Because I have to have a membership in anything remotely geeky which I shall then forget about after a couple of months and be relived that it hasn't been hacked but stayed right where I wanted it, in my bookmarks and saved passwords.

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