Thursday, January 11, 2007

And here I was hoping I'd take after Mom in that...

Today, for the first time this year and perhaps in a month or more, my teacher wrote on the board and made use of the Enciclomedia system*

*Computer system installed in many Mexican schools which, among other things, includes a COMPUTER!... obviously... which most professors have no idea how to manage until they get a itsy bitsy tiny crash course in, basically, clicking and MicrosoftWord (and how stuck up they are that they can touch the mouse! Speaking in reference to my own, erm, affliction known as Ms. K only) ... and a projector thingie that projects (I never would've guessed!) what's on the screen onto the whiteboard (those markers STINK!bloody murder) which is one way I discovered this. Back to the future:

and that is how I discovered the uncomfortable truth...

The words on the screen, in both cases, delighted in transforming into little red, blue, and black blurs. On the videos I kept thinking they were animation because the edges blurred and looked stylized; all in all I had a miserable time trying to figure out which number was which and how many digits it had.

All of which points towards one solution:

Like my dad, I need glasses. I just realized it two years after he did.

And I was hoping I'd take after Mom in that...

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theatre said...

good luck w/ finding frames:) it took me four different lenscrafters and three mounths worth of shopping...

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