Sunday, January 07, 2007

Oh. My God, part 3

This is pretty much the case I have for mine but without the silver "iSnug" - it's more embossed-ish in the black rubber plastic thing coating. I wanted one of these (in black preferably, but red is nice, and blue is nice too, though red is nicer, and as a last result? I'd even consider pink...) cases and some socks - for protective padding - but this thing seems to be quite, er, padded on its own, so those will be relocated to the "other" subcategory of my (meticulously organized... kind of) wish-list. Hey, I'm happy! You should be too! The festival of Grandma Day has begun, and will be extended to three weeks...


Cat's grandma has come down (with gifts, more on the suitcase troubles later) and will be staying for three weeks. She came down the 6th.

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