Saturday, January 13, 2007

If the name fits, it's a glove... or something.

Its raining. When I woke up I don't know if it was raining. But the cats woke me up, yowling, "OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT..." and racing around like maniacs... its raining maniac cats ha ha. They knocked a mirror over, but it didn't break. This was at six in the morning mind you. Once it was light enough I went over to the window to check because it sounded like the wind in the palm trees and it was raining. No wind though so you wouldn't know it, it wasn't pattering against the windows, but I know that palm-leaf sound, yes I do.

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Where are YOU coming from?

The meek are too meek to inherit

It's Raining Cats and Frogs
And the geek shall inherit the earth.
The GEEK, I said!
Are you hard of hearing or something? The GEEK!

I am a geek.