Saturday, December 09, 2006

A comment I didn't get to publish on Amazon unfortunately.

Give me a break. I've been extremelly careful with mine and it still is giving me this E18 crap. Face it canon are idiots, and if you think its the most vocal person who dropped the thing down the stairs, have you ever heard of GOOGLE? I've read a bunch of horror stories and all of them either had NO REASON or were just a tiny bump. I've never even HEARD of this lady who dropped hers down the stairs and you say she was the most vocal. Once again, I implore you: Give me a break. And a sandwitch. And while your at it, I'd really like a working camera.
Also, @ Anon: get your head out of whatever hole its in and meet my friend, Google "canon E18 error code" and maybe you'll change your mind. If you have a mind. Which I sincerly doubt.

Okay, maybe that was a bit harsh. At least there weren't any rude comparisons to Uruk-hai (beware of LotR references while I am re-reading the Good Profesor's books!!) with the orcs in the piece COMING OUT ON TOP.


SebThePleb said...

Tolkein was born in South Africa!

CosimaCat said...

@SebThePleb: Ookay... I think I knew that... And what does that have to do with chicken fat? O.o

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