Sunday, November 19, 2006

In Which I Will Dare To Explain The Chicken Fat

If something is off topic, I'll say: What does that have to do with chicken fat? The origin of this is passover of 2005, when it was said that the way they decided who to invite when there was a serious lack of Judisim in the town in which Bloggerland, My World is currently oriented (fine: TS. That's all you're getting out of me! Wait hey!!! Get away from me with those thumbscrews [whatever thumbscrews are], Torquemada Sun!!! Heyyyyyy!!!!!!! ow.) (anyway) so they invited anyone who had ever had any association with Chicken Fat (think dumplings, me think). They said that because in that one (I don't know about the others) there was a Short History of Passover in TS, in Other Words a SoWY (Series of Weird Yarns).

Anyways, what does the not-as-theoretical-as-they/it/him/her/them-used-to-be Readerpopulace (I got assurance that someone reads this. I feel so happy.) think of my new font scheme? They/it/him/her/them may not have noticed, or they may be like me and would have noticed and also are able to ID most common and a couple less common font families on sight. FYI the blog posts and titles are Verdana and the titles for the sidebar are Georgia (the font that Blogger uses for the WYSIWYG editor), for the sake of useless and probably not very interesting to people who do not share my need to know every! little! tiny! insignificant! thing! and lack of other blogging material. Also Angelique (from It's Raining Noodles!) commented in response to one of my comments. I was more shocked than I was the first time I got two shout-outs in a row on, and almost as delighted as I was when I found out someone reads this (thanks, Seb Temlett! You rock!). Just in the category of random ranting there XD.


SebThePleb said...

!!! Wow... thanks for the compliment! Great entry :DDDD

CosimaCat said...

You're welcome! I just wish there was some way to know if anyone else reads this... *sigh*

You liked the entry? Yay! So I'm not the only one who thinks random rocks XD

strike said...

i read and am a fan of random quotations
have a nice day

CosimaCat said...

Sorry this is a little belated but just to let you know you commenting really made me happy have a nice day. Also it seems you are an interesting person which is just about the best thing I can say about somebody so I was very flattered that you appearantly find
me interesting enough to merit reading my blog. Thank you!

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