Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Title generators are very dangerous things

Some titles I have generated recently:

Round 1:
Title One: Blond Water Bufalos Of Huh? Things
Title Two: The Huh? Thingie
Title Three: The Headset Of Blond Water Bufalos
Title Four: Blond Thingie
Title Five: The LOLing Headset
Title Six: Enduring Things
Title Seven: LOLing Water Bufalos
Title Eight: Huh? Enduring
Title Nine: Enduring for Things
Title Ten: LOLing and Enduring

Round 2:
Title One: Bright Red Realities Of Insane Neutrinos
Title Two: The Insane Opal Koboi (who is not mine)
Title Three: The Austin Powers (for the heck of it) Of Bright Red Realities
Title Four: Bright Red Opal Koboi (who is not mine)
Title Five: The Questioning Austin Powers (for the heck of it)
Title Six: Enduring Neutrinos
Title Seven: Questioning Realities
Title Eight: Insane Enduring
Title Nine: Enduring for Neutrinos
Title Ten: Questioning and Enduring

Just remember, I'm trying to learn DOS while being half asleep, coasting on a sugar high - I won't remember any of this in the morning.

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