Thursday, December 21, 2006

This post is being narrated by Cosima's chair, as she is too happy to bother being a condition that the rest of us fondly term coherent.

So Cosima just up there and started jumping around, like, and at least I didn't get, you know, tipped over, but here she is jumping all like around the office, you know, chanting she's got a reader, and will the reader please identify themselves, and that now she doesn't have to see that awful zero in the nice feedburner box anymore, and now she's back, like, I think she, like, you know, has gone, like, crazy.

Silly chair sounds like a stereotypical (read: innacurate in most cases) teenager, I got a reader, oh I'm so happy, happy, yep I'm happy, and I think delirious, because the flamingos are attacking...

Yep. She's like, totally loony.

Shut it or I'll sic the people in white coats on you.

Fine, fine. (whispering) Loony.

I heard that!

This post has been discontinued because Cosima is pursuing her chair with murderous intentions.

Note: If anyone is offended by this, please understand that the only true parts are the new reader and the plea for the new reader (ie reader other than SebThePleb or Strike, who both rock, thank you very much) to identify him/herself if s/he is indeed a new reader because readers make Cosima veeeeeery happy. Ding dong, the witch is dead, which witch, the wicked witch, that witch, the zero witch!

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