Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I Don't Know Why It Works, But It Does.

This was some work we did today. It was pretty interesting, inches to cm, etc. One of the things was that we had do decimal metric to decimal English (inches etc.). I had no idea what to do so I multiplied and divided until I found something that looked plausible, then repeated the process. I got a ten out of ten. Figures. I've always wondered how people came up with pi and stuff, I guess they just fooled around with numbers until something that sounded reasonable came up. Also you may notice that on the first page I missed something, and also feel free to click on the images if you can't read them and/or want to...

Why School Makes No Sense Sometimes

a mini-play by Cosima "Cat" Rose

Old Greek Guy #1: Do you know how to get the area of a circle?
Old Greek Guy #2: Nope. Let's see...
*Hours later*
Old Greek Guy #3: Maybe if you add this to this and divide - ?
Old Greek Guys #1 & #2: Hey, yeah! That doesn't make any sense, but it looks like we could fool someone with it!
Old Greek Guy #2: It doesn't make any sense...
Old Greek Guy #1: ...But once its done it looks great on papyrus!
*two thousand + years later*
Teacher: So you add this to this and divide -
Kid: But that doesn't make any sense!
Teacher: So? Once its all done it looks good on paper.

Afterthought: The Greeks were just an example.
@SebThePleb: I like math. Actually, I REALLY like math. Its my favorite subject.

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Wait wait wait...

Maths wasn't invented by the Greeks....

It was invented by "EL DIABLO!"

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