Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Anti-Boxing Day

Okay. Christmas has come, and gone. That makes today...

(drum roll please)


Following in the tradition of The Anti-Christmas, the Anti-Boxing Day. Randomness. That.

Chatting with Mom and I's friend, Mr. P:
Me: Okay.
Me: Monkeys!!
Mr. P.: Monkeys?
Me: Monkeys.
Mr. P.: Really?
Me: Monkeys, indeedilly deedilly deed.
Mr. P.: Ok, I guess it is monkeys, I'm finding motorcycle parts online
Me: Bannanas.
Mr. P.: I'm a little busy now, I'll banana you later, OK?
Me: Bannanas for the ilusionist flamingos with aqua-lungs in the hermite and steel alloy box with the cork on top filled with water for the champange. Okay.
Mr. P.: BFN
Me: ?
Mr. P.: Bye For Now
Me: Thanks. You get an honorary Bannanaa!!
Me: Actually I think I'll have the bannanaa, give me that bannanaa!

"Age is a subject of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."

~Mark Twain

"Wait until I have finished my problem!"
~Archimedes, to the Roman soldier who captured and killed him.

"Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow."
~Mark Twain

All that is all well and good, you say, but I want to hear about your Christmas, you ask? Well, I'm flattered, I have to say. So:
  1. The night of Christmas Eve we got home late but not late enough to stop me from writing a letter to Santa (call me stupid - I belive.), prepping a plate of cookies and scattering oats for the reindeer which they didn't eat.

  2. I woke up (and consequently woke Mom up) at five in the morning, but she managed to convince me to sleep until six forty-seven. I know because I looked at the clock.

  3. I got mostly books which I will review in time and some other notable stuff, in no particular order:

    • A set of portable speaker-things that have an exclusive plugin for iPod Shuffles (I like their slogan, to tell you the truth; its rather clever: "shuffle off this mortal coil" XD)
    • A hollow milk chocolate reindeer
    • A pocket knife
    • A silver bracelet that says "IMAGINE," which prompted several random belting outs of "Imagine all the people,
      Living for today...
      You may say, I'm a dreamer
      But I'm not the only one
      I hope some day you will join us
      And the world will live as one"
    • A set of sweatpants and a jacket, the pants of which are too big for me, the jacket of which fits.
    • Uncle John's Curiously Compelling Bathroom Reader ("YOU are getting very, very CURIOUS")
    • Peppermints
    • A huge tootsie roll
    • An insulated lunch thing
    • And for the rest of the books? Well:
      • Fly By Night by Frances Hardinge
      • Diary of a Young Girl (by Anne Frank)
      • The End by Lemony Snicket
      • Ptolemy's Gate by Jonothan Stroud
      • And others.
    • The Gothic Archies' performance of "The Tragic Treasury"
    • The original soundtrack to "The Princess Diaries"

  4. We were going to drive out to someone's house for open house because Mr. P. wanted to say Hi but the house was... closed.

  5. We went back to Mrs. V-G's house, where Mr. P. is staying, and then we went to Someone Else's house for a party in which the kids (and me - I was the oldest >:D) started up a merry and not-quite-good game of...

  6. After that party, we went to Mr and Mrs. M's house for the real Christmas party.

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