Saturday, December 09, 2006

340 word complaint.

My comment on this E18 site:

My camera was working fine until this morning I tried to turn it on and got the E18 error it hasn't been okay since and this is really worrying me because that's my only camera (I'm just an amateur and my dad gave me this one) Dad and I have been searching on the web for how to fix it but we haven't had any luck and I'm now royally mad at Canon. Its also a bit unsettling that the model with the most error reports on this site so far is the one that is virtually a twin to mine (A70... the manual and all is the same), with only a difference in megabytes. I have had this camera for a year I think as I got it last Hannukah and its almost Hannukah again now. I am very dissapointed and although my dad uses all canon I think if I could pick I'd try another brand but do research first to see if they have the E18 error because I've read a lot about it and it definitely isn't encouraging, I think I'd like to try my luck with the Canon people only I'm not sure if they'd listen to someone as young as me and an amateur at that, they'd probably say that I had pawed all over it or some such thing which I find very insulting as I'm always very careful with my camera and thus it seems like an insult to my IQ and how careful I was, it seems like they would take advantage of my age to be condecending if they follow the patterns I've read about. I hope it isn't permanently broken as it is a refurbished one and so having to get it fixed would cost inbetween the camera's own worth + 50 to 150 % depending on where I'm getting my information. I sure hope if you're reading this and your camera is messed up that it gets fixed and doesn't turn into one of those horror stories I've been reading about. Thank you and have a nice day.

PS ~ On that site I called myself Cat, it should be one of the first errors for a while unless there are even more of these than I think.

PS2 ~ I actually got it the Hannukah before last but I wasn't remembering right - yeah, it was the Hannukah before last, I know because last one I got my PRINTER, which is also a SCANNER, and a COPIER, all in COLOR, and I got it on one of those nights where Hannukah intersects with Christmas so I was dragging it all over Mr. and Mrs. J's house informing anyone who would listen that it was a PRINTER, and it was MINE, and I had JUST GOTTEN IT, and that my PARENTS gave it to me, and it was also a SCANNER, and a COPIER, and that it was all in COLOR, in a very squeaky voice. Geek en't I.

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