Saturday, December 09, 2006


My camera's acting really weird, and getting the E18 error; according to my research I'm really in trouble. Check these links out, then please feel sorry for me. This is my only camera and I've had it what?-A year? Two years, I think. This is ├╝ber bad.

And it seems they're talking about PowerShots a lot. Which is what mine is. So that appearently only happens with PowerShots and Elfs (Elfs? Elphs?). Damn it all, this is bad.

PS ~ Maybe they'll put this up on their website, since that guy's rant was up there! Look for me if you have time on your hands, and give the cheese-heads hell if you're in a similar situation. Remember to think up witty responses to some of the arguments documented above BEFORE you talk to those manipulating {what Cat would've said right here has been censored since not only was it very rude but most people wouldn't of gotten the references, and it was quite a hefty insult to Uruk-hai and jackals}, not after, or all these people posting will be in vain. We all gotta give 'em hell, right? Right!

PS2 ~ Dad hinted that maybe he'd give me the little camera that I used to take the pictures of the Lamari Butterfly (explination on why the name was so funny here). I don't want his little camera! I want miiiiiiine... *cries* (actually I haven't been brought to tears just yet but my eyes if I go in the bathroom with no explination that will be why (Dad might tease).

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