Monday, November 20, 2006

The Rooster and the Basket Ball


One kid pretending to be a solder had a rooster tied to a post while he was waiting for something to happen and the rooster threw a temper tantrum, scaring a 'Maria' he was talking to and startling me into laughing. He conquered the bad-tempered bird by grabbing him by the tail and feet, and then cooing over him until he calmed down. Another kid dressing up as a solder picked up the fallen feather and tried to stick it in his cap, unsuccessfully.

THE BASKET BALL (and the Baseball Cap)

A girl whose name I can't recall and I were playing with a basket ball when it over-bounced and went behind me...
To where a group of people dressed up as medics were standing...
Being taken a photo of by Mr. Alvaro Colindres...
Who was wearing a baseball cap...
The ball went right over his head with barely a milimetre (I'm using the English spelling `cause I like it. So sue me.) to spare...
And hit the bill of his cap.
And bounced.
We had a good laugh about that.
But at the time, I bet it startled him.

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