Friday, November 17, 2006

Stuck in the Traffic

There was a huge accident really close to here. A semi-trailer carrying HUGE date palms skidded around a curve and overbalanced. We were stuck in the resulting traffic (It blocked both lanes of our two-lane highway) for two hours, until we turned back and stayed in LC. No one was hurt in the accident, unless being bored and cramped counts (but that was the result). We stayed till 7:20, but then, since it was evident that it was going to be longer (they said 1-2 hours, but they said that an hour before, and afterward someone said that something of that size would DEFINITELY be at least 6 hours) we turned around and had a delightful night at a place that El C has a deal with (we run an ad free when there's room, they give us a room when there's room), albeit one that involved sleeping on the couch in my case.

But at least no one was hurt-- AND I got to skip two days of school, which is good, I was thoroughly sick of my teacher.

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