Thursday, November 16, 2006

House Bare in a Manner of Speaking, Room Empty, Bloggeress Who Will Soon Be in LC and SJdC (big cities close together, in different municipals)

Yes, the title does not lie! My room is empty! I never thought I'd see the day... AND I'm getting a new door. And all the stuff from my room (which makes up about one-third of the stuff in the house) is in Mom's room. And all the stuff from Mom's room (or at least most of it) (this is getting confusing) is in the dining room, which is actually part of the kitchen, which is pointess information that I'm tossing out because I can't think of anything else to say. Oh! Yeah, I'm going to our 'Twin Cities': LC and SJdC. I can't tell more, because then it would be personal info, and I am scared of stalkers, although I do have three cats with sharp claws, a 1/4 wolf dog, and a part rottweiler to protect me. Yay! So maybe I can stop quaking in my shoes... ;)... nope. Oh well. Gotta go!

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SebThePleb said...

Okay cool. I'll check out all of them from time to time! LOL... Keep up the finger smashing!

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