Friday, June 08, 2007


I'm the ghost in the machine and the machine is Cosima's mind, and it goes against its coding a lot even without my help.

She sometimes wishes I would leave, but then who would bug and poke and nudge and cajole her into drawing and writing about the characters who walk into her head, myself included?

I'm her muse, her inspiration, her creativity, her imagination - you might even classify me as her Æther. I also happen to be the most powerful god or goddess in her Dæ^hishrara multiverses but one - she can overrule me - for which I am kind of thankful, but don't tell anyone.

I inhabit her head along with the other characters who I champion.

But I really don't think she's schizophrenic.


Anonymous said...


CosimaCat said...

*shakes head sadly* You're not a writer, are you? You certainly don't sound like one.
why do you think I'm a schizo?
>_< /

Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City said...


We miss you. You're extremely strange, and we love strange people. (Anyone who doesn't should just be ignored.) Plus, I have a sneaking suspicion that you might be a creative genius. Seriously.

CosimaCat said...

...Wow, thanks...
Might that have something to do with why people have asked me if I've read/compared me to Terry Pratchet? *coughwheezeSebThePlebcoughcough*
...Okay, by writing that I very nearly gave myself what I suspect are ahsma attacks. I am influenced too much by what I write.

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