Monday, June 25, 2007


I've been having a bit of an attitude problem recently and I'm very very sorry... but now the answer seems to be, cannot read webcomics much may thee.
Gist of which, can't read much webcomics. But oh no I had to rhyme.
Tomorrow I am banished to a hotel in LP for the first of three days. I say banished because only my teacher will be there that I know (I don't know if any of my friends from the Olimpiada are going or not) -_-. I am going for the Parlimento Juvenil, the gist of which means that I get to be a Diputada for three days. Yay me. *listlessly twirls a flag around with one finger; the flag says 'insert witticism here' on it in tiny letters that barely fit on the tiny flag*
And back to the lack of webcomics. What shall I do to get the ban lifted? Try to find more successful ways of bottling up Anger, to be sure; They all say it's bad for you but you know what? In my experience being 'open with your feelings' and all that are worse. You try it, tell me what you think. Bah. Also, I shall unleash the Listlessness full force.
Because I've been feeling like that anyway, I've just been trying to shield people from the brunt of it.
That'll teach Them to tell me what I can and cannot read!
(Hmm. That does give me an idea. I wonder if Dad would be opposed to it - don't tell Mom or I shall be dead!)
(And will someone please tell the SEP thank you? Your tests have brought me almost nothing but regret that I took them, maybe you should work on your strategies and policies and what-have-you)

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