Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ehy, I'm back!

I'm baaaaack. And the Parlimento was fun.
I met some friends, namely those who I will refer to as Ladies X, A, B, and L. Why Ladies? Because I feel like it.
Hmm... I'll have to get the photo off but there's this very weird hairy rock thing... I ... um.... "found", shall we say. Taking guesses as to what it is. Will post what it is on Monday or possibly later.

On another subject altogether, I have my strategy for making comics worked out. I will have four, interlacing stories that will update weekly (since there are four they will each update once a month or so, maybe more, depends on how much of a brat Nârēn is being and then divide how much inspiration she provides by time, scanner access and homework/other things) (in order of when I came up with the ideas for them)

The Dæ^hisharean Chronicles, The Kaen Files, Shades of Gray, Normal Isn't Good Enough

in the end they will all come together in
The Death of All Stories

What I'm trying to decide is if I should make The Four separate or the same (under the same URL)
Any opinions?

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