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Forbidden Magi (Magic and the Sciences that Resemble It, Part One)

Because I have some time on my hands, and because I feel like giving you some background, and because I don't want to forget this, here we go with some info on the comic I'm making. Spoilers. Don't read if you're not interested/won't forget it in two months.


Really, I'm serious, there's spoilers....

Okay. There are the four divisions of magic you know about - earth, water, plasma (including Fire and Energy), and air. There's also shadow, which is very strange and often sadistic magic, but we won't go into that here.
A mage - a normal one - can be any of the many specifics (such as ice in water) and also has a passive, or non, attribute, which often comes from the same family (division) or a similar one. You can't pick your powers (only Shadowmancers can pick - yes I know the term Shadowmacers has been used before); they usually come from something about you. The Fae are slightly different: Their powers usually come in subspecies of Fae**. But again, that's off-topic.

Then there are three elements that are widely claimed not to exist, and when they are acknowledged as not myths, are most strictly FORBIDDEN to practice.
They are


  • TIME


Since there aren't hordes of magi balancing out their powers in the mortal astral planes, these must have avatars every generation. The avatars are extremely powerful, and often can't control their powers because they have ALL the power of an element - the same power as, say, all the magi that practice anything in one Family's magic, COMBINED.

The three are the Seer (of SIGHT)*, the Time Bandit (of TIME) and the Soul Thief (of THOUGHT).

Two of one sect cannot coexist. That makes training very difficult. Usually dimension and time travel are needed. Limbo dimensions can be very useful, but are usually only accessible to Time Bandits.

Time Bandits, Seers, Soul Thieves and the Forbidden Disciples are widely acknowledged as myths.

They aren't.

(Where does Jashret fit into this, you wonder? He's a Soul Thief. That's what's with the gloves: Soul Thieves, like many other types of magi, focus their power through their hands (specifically through the tips of their fingers)- but since the Forbidden Magi can't control their powers, they have to have something keeping them from doing anything they could regret (many Seers wear enchanted glasses as they focus their power through their eyes). The gloves are enchanted as well because otherwise, since Jashret is very untrained and extremely volatile, they would be in charred shreds (though the Forbidden can't have nons). (FYI, Time Bandits focus their power through the palms of their hands. They can actually get away with leaving their fingers unprotected, but it looks weird)

*SIGHT is the most powerful. There are very few, but some, who have a nearly nonexistent Sight non. It is very useful but SO rare. In some dimensions there have been experiments in reproducing Sight through mechanical and technological means, but of course they haven't advanced at all. Anything that says they have is all lies. *clears throat uncomfortably* ALL LIES, I SAY!

The colors of SIGHT, TIME and THOUGHT are as follows
Sight: light blue
Time: red
Thought: Yellow

(This was actually written at this time on the 24th, but I didn't just tell you that!)

**I spelled it wrong the first time. I know the common form is Fey, just as the common form of the singular is Fairy. But that's not how I spell it, which is why it's wrong ^^ Remember, I RULE Dæ^hishara. I can do whatever I want. It's the power of authors, and why I included them in the classification of Thought magi in respect to those who can't control it. Since there are three types of people who use Thought, perhaps more, Thought may be the most powerful - I cannot say. If so, then Jashret is doubly scary. :P

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