Thursday, May 03, 2007

Return of the Homework

I don't know if you find me posting my homework annoying, but this was just so unberably cool I couldn't help it. Check it out.


theatre said...

math is evil. period. so is algrebra and geometry (i spelled that wrong oh well) but that is such an AWESOME picture, how'd you do it?

CosimaCat said...

I scanned the pictures I had drawn of all the geometric figures I could. Dotted lines are symetry and solid are diagonals and when they are the same one it's some combination of the two. If you're asking how as in how did I get the sides more or less equal, I used circles. And all of the many-sided shapes after pentagon have the same perimiter. I happen to dissagree, also - I like math, haven't come in contact with algebra yet but since it sounds like there are mind games I bet it will be fun, and if that's geometry I love it. :P

CosimaCat said...

Whoops... You mean the display pic? I used the shapes in photoshop elements to make a butterfly and a cat, and then I took the vector mask off the cat (I don't know what that means either) so I could erase it without erasing the butterfly which retained it's vector mask appearently because it was editable, and volia! catterfly.

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