Monday, May 21, 2007

A post that had I had my way, would've been horribly angsty, so consider yourself lucky unless you actually want to know how my miserable mind works.

I've been drawing comics in my spare time. However in my opinion the art/stories/probable updating times are so awful that no one would want to read them; the storylines remind me of comics I like, and I am mortally afraid of being called a ripoff, almost more so even that of being wrong; and there are much better comics that deserve the readership far more than I. The consequence of that is that I've been depressed the past few weeks. And whenever I re-read the EGS Painted Black storyline (which is sometimes semi-daily, when I don't have anything to study for) I feel like I'm going to cry. ('Why do you read it then?' you ask. Well, I really really like it and it's really really good. Which is the same reason I cry.)
My mother says that the angst comes with being an artist. Damn; I was hoping it came with being a (pre-)teen and would go away in 2-10 years, which is better than in forever.
However, here's some concept sketches for an avatar of mine so you can decide for yourself. If you like them feel free to comment, but I'll probably still be miserable. *sniff* Click for big.

The first draft of my female avatar. I was so worried about doing the ears a similar (okay, very similar) style to Dan Shive's that I probably rather panicked Dad by crying about it. Oh well, at least he doesn't dismiss it as mere angst.

Female and male avatars, without fur. Or tails. As in 'noticeable lack of tail'.

A mini-comic making fun of the fact that I thought the male avatar was kind of cute.

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