Saturday, May 05, 2007

Playing with Vista

Got an opportunity to mess w/ someone else's machine: one of the ones in the Ricardo Amigo real estate place. My primary analysis? Vista is basically a slightly prettier version (but not much) of XP. I am speaking of Windows here. Well, I admit, some of the glowy stuff is cool. But still, my machine is slow enough as it is!!
However, have not run into that 'cancel or allow' stuff yet. Every cloud as a silver lining.
Admittedly, a thin one. But we can't be picky.

In other news, it is Cinco de Mayo. I forget what it's supposed to be. I am sure we will be reminded on Monday.

I am making a timeline (and it is rather, uh, huge- primary estimates based on my first segment of eight that was handwritten indicates around 5ft each, 45 feet or so. But some will be typed.

This machine is relatively (ok, very) new. It has a little Windows Vista sticker on it, and a small keyboard, which I think was not the best design choice; ditto on the mouse buttons that don't stick up at all. Speaking of annoying. And though it is new... ish... 'enter,' '?,' and '.' don't allways work right. *sigh*

Though I admit I don't like the keyboard much, there's something about the arrow buttons that mine lack.
Oh yeah.
Lack of overuse.

...wait, did that even make sense?

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