Sunday, May 27, 2007

Only a test of keyboards

I´m using the spaish lanuguage - or quite possibly french, the ñ isn´t in the same place as on the ones in my school and there´s a ç - keyboard on the computer at cafe - how do you do accents? And the ? is above' next to 0, while ´is in the place of ' - too weird - Café (e and ´ simultaneously; shift e ´ gets you Ë or É, depending on which you press first, I think ) Brown, trying to blog. My fingers are already (partially) used to the keyboard, but this computer uses IE and the lack of Firefox or at least something with tabs (Update. Your. Programs. For. My. Sanity!!) keeps confusing me.
I just like to record the different computers I get to play with; you needen´t bother reading but I think messing with this keyboard is fun.

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