Monday, April 30, 2007


A parade, carrying the Dia Del Ni~no Queen, Princess and Ladies In Waiting for my school, including our dear little midget queen (she's a first grader! Although... she could be a second grader for all I would know unless they announced it! They're all shorter than me! Therefore, they're all midgets to me!) on top of what looks like a limo.

Happy Dia del Ni~no to all the kids out there (be they 1 or 101)


Anonymous said...

What do you have against short people huh? huh? ^-^

CosimaCat said...

Look, bud, I'm short. I'm the shortest girl in my class. I have nothing against short people. That was the highest compliment I could offer. I suggest you work on recognizing when someone is trying to say that you are worthy of talking to.

Anonymous said... yeah... well... You....can't..... COOK!!!

CosimaCat said...

Made you stutter, did I? I seem to have that effect on humans. Yes I can cook. In fact after I finish drawing an octagon I am going inside to help make dinner...

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