Saturday, April 21, 2007


No, I haven't disappeared. I half wish I had; I'd love to see the comments. But aside from that? I haven't been posting because I haven't been doing much worth posting about. Let me think.
*sound of crickets chirping*
Well, my class went to the Pescadero school yesterday along with 5C and I managed to get a mouthful of sand falling off monkey bars, fell off a wall, walked on a tree, and had to get out of another tree - that had I fallen off of I would've been covered with mud, so good thing that I wasn't, I would've been in major trouble - precariously because of my teacher ("Rose! GET OUT OF THEIR TREE!" O.o). And what can be learned from that? That now my right arm hurts because I hold on longer with it for some instinctual reason because I'm right-handed, that I climb a lot, that football is boring to watch, that the reason I never play sports voluntarilly is because everyone assumes that if it's not intellectual I'll be awful at it and why let the awful people practice? We don't want equality and opportunity, we want to win so I don't get any practice, no one wants me on their team (however, I have never had "I'll take ___" "I'll take... Uh, professor, can I pick the rock?") and I feel bad about even playing because again, we're loosing, why should I play? I'll just make us loose worse...
Gods damn the star system at play in most schools. Or all. It seems to be basic human nature - and spiteful, ugly, and underhanded it is, it must be human nature.
People wonder why I call myself Cat. It's because, according to my observations, the human species is not one you would want to be anything more than a long-distance phone call away from sometimes. It is not something you want to be affilated with. It is something you can despise, regard with sympathy or fondness, or find funny, depending on your disposition and the time of day.
But it is not a species I want to be.
Tough luck.

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