Saturday, April 07, 2007

I think I shall finally dream something to blog about!

Had a strange dream last night. Lesse. There was this thing on this beach, a privately owned beach - how weird is that - , and a bunch of people were invited - and did I mention my parents were still together? Weeeeeeirrrrdddd, I say - and so they were down at the end of this steeply slanted beach, but my best friend in the dream and her little brother got bored so we started walking up but around halfway up we stopped to rest in these enormous plastic beach chairs with red upholstery, honestly they were as big as cars, but then this huge! tidal wave came and smashed the chairs, and she was pulling him out and his foot was still in the chair when kablooey! and I was still sitting there but I had grabbed my stick because when I go to the beach, I always grab driftwood for witches' wands and staffs, and this one was a lovely six foot one and I got blasted straight out of the back of the for some reason slightly smoking chair and the stick stuck in the dune wall at the top of the beach, so I just held on since pretty much the wave just blew us to safety and as we screamed and screamed the alarm for the grownups, but then there was this huge wave going down the middle and most of the grownups were gone but my mom was running in front with her wrists drawn up to her shoulders, flapping her hands, kind of shriek-squawking and jumping with both feet together just ahead of the ravenous wave, which for some reason resembled a leopard seal, which prey on penguins, and my dad seemed to think she had gone nuts-
And then we were there, and the grownups were safe and pulling out their cell phones to chatter loudly about how "I was, like, so scared and there was like this huge wave, it was like huge," so we slipped quietly away to somewhere more interesting, to find someone who would care that the rapidly spreading wave had adverse effects on adults' sanity, already tenuous as it is.

This was a highly remarkable occurrence as I don't dream much. Maybe I'll make a habit out of it. It would be interesting to look like a dreaming nun.

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