Friday, April 13, 2007

Exam results

Do you remember those panic-filled Mexico-wide sixth-grade exams I would rant about? If you don't, no matter; suffice to say that the prelims were eighty questions, all subjects, mystifying and A-D. Four of eighty I had to guess.
Out of something like 10,316 people, I learned Thursday morning, I got second place.
You probably think I was elated. And I was. But there was one thing that filled me with simmering resentment- if the exams had been a week later I wouldn't've had to guess those four! - and another that left me ruefully panicked, though that paled in comparison to the INCOMING! exams in LP where we would, of course, get to meet the mayor...
The teasing if the first place person was a boy, who out-exammed me, considered smart and a bit of a pain-in-the-butt feminist by the boys-
The teasing would positively kill me.

The title of this post was bland because otherwise, if it was to apropriately express my mood, it would be Ohmygodsohmygodsohmygods... and I think I did that with Michael already. But, for the sake of mystifying you until I explain it on Evolution of a Writer*, and possibly and then some-
Seradoc somemighty on a stick...
This is really happening.
I'm scared.
*It (the thing in italics) is a reference to some of my favorites out of the gods and cavalcade of demigods I invented for the book that the surface area of dragons: The Evolution of a Writer chronicles the most.

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