Thursday, March 01, 2007

Oh. Yeah, when you think about it that way it's painfully obvious.

Yesterday, went to the doctor's (the one I went to was, incidentally, Porcelain Doll's father.) and was prescribed antibiotics after an examination, told I have a throat infection.
We went to the generic pharmacy in the ex-Pilar hotel which is now a color-coordinated type of oranges that if it was anything but the building that I liked faded yellow faded orange and faded green wouldn't be as hideous as I perceive it. Girl looks in book. No they do not have the prescription. They are specialized medicines. We go to the ISSTE. No they do not have the prescription.
Guess who does have it? Porcelain Doll's father's pharmacy.
They were kind of expensive ($250 pesos [around 25 us dollars] ) for one box but it turns out that if we had gotten generic medicine I would've had to take it for ten days so the cost would've been about the same, since this I just have to take three times a day for five days. Apparently no he was not trying to get us to have to shop at his pharmacy, he was trying for the least amount of time needed taking the vile stuff (they taste the way the antiseptic in public toilets smell) and was also trying to prescribe a syrup since I am a kid - I HATE syrups. Mom asked for it in pills. While Porcelain Doll's mother who is a dentist was ringing it up she said wishfully and kind of amazed, "she takes pills?" Mom informed her that I hate any other means: I have a mortal fear of needles and syrups have a tendency to make me throw up.
I didn't, however, get the pain medication he prescribed. So though I'm almost back to normal and am going to attempt at school tomorrow, my throat hurts and my head both is throbbing dully and feels like some giant has my brain in it's fist and is squeezing it slowly, as you or I might a lime, to see what juices come out.
Even though I have strep throat I'd rather she'd've gotten the pain medication: I'd rather not hurt and get better a bit slower than the situation I am in now.

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