Thursday, March 08, 2007


Am busy falling asleep on mousepad so my fingers are writing this. Walked around for half an hour with two hundred or so other people representing all ages from fifth grade to CECYT, carrying signs. Went to secundaria, watched their sucky Escolta-to-be (they're really awful), shouted that they need practice and was told how can I know with a heavy implication that I was an ignorant girl so leave them alone. And this on International Women's Day!!!!! Talked to Z and Da Stick about how awful they were, after raging at Z that me? not know? hel-lo?! vanguardia de la izquierda in one escolta and abanderada in the other! me? not know? it's them that can't paso redoblado right the half of them! pfft!, sat on REALLY COLD concrete for an hour and a half waiting, waiting for their thing to be over. Returned to school. Went for asistencia, to check how many kids came in our assigned classes. Came back.
School let out.
Now I'm free, free falling (free, free falling)

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