Thursday, March 01, 2007

An introduction to random people, part one.

I just realized I haven't done an 'introduction' bit for a while, so here goes nothing:

Porcelain Doll
Member of both Escoltas, middle in the formal one and I think middle in the other too, I can't even remember, she's so unobtrusive, almost like a tree or something. She's very pale and has very dark hair and is shorter even then me and her uniform always seems to be too small though, and she has a tendency to forget miscellaneous parts of it, for example her tie or her hat. A more rigid perfectionist than me if that is even possible, I have only heard her talk a couple times since we've been in Escolta together, for a year, and before then I haven't heard her speak since early third grade, since after that her mother switched her into the dreaded A class. She looks eternally angry and sounds eternally hoarse, and no wonder.

Da Stick
Member of both Escoltas and rather quiet comandante in both the Formal Girls' and Official. Her classroom nickname is Hueso or, when the teacher leaves her and I in charge, Maestra Hueso*. She is stick thin, though not quite skeletal; all in all she's one of those people who I've always been jealous of and looks rather like a model and seems to be better at me than everything except schoolwork and yelling: People laugh at her jokes!! When was the last time someone laughed at a joke I made up or I was able to participate in a conversation that had a lot of slang in spanish in it without burdening Z or Stick with a semi-constant hiss of "what does that mean?" "you don't need to know." "but I WANT to!" "tones" "ha ha" "Tones para los preguntones" "but what does it mean?!?!?!?!?"? Let me think here. Oh, um, NEVER!
Not that I begrudge her - or at least not much. She's a very nice person and I like to think she can't help it. But I really wanted to be the Officially Sanctioned Yelling Person! *sigh*

Flag Carrying Monkey
Flag carrier of the official escolta. Stick's ex boyfriend (I think they lasted a week, which seems to be a sixth grade record). He's sometimes nice and sometimes so annoying I consider re-taking up chasing people with shoes**, though half-heartedly.
All in all I guess he's nice though. And if he's annoying while we're practicing for the formal ones then I can poke him with the asta-bandera.

*There's one for me too but I've never been able to hear it well and when I asked Z to define it she said it doesn't matter so I'm pretty sure it means fat because unlike Da Stick I have a butt. Kapeesh?

**It was put on hiatus around fourth grade after I proved in a rather definitive and actually accidental (don't tell anyone!! ;) ) way that bugging the goody-goody bookworm foreigner really isn't worth it. Oh, and my current favorite pair, the ones I'm wearing now (I wear shoes all the time, even if I'm just sitting in the office) are kind of strange, really low heel and mostly cloth with only a bit of leather and of course black, but most importantly the heel is mostly an inch thick but at the heel something like one and three-quarters so they make wonderful booming and tapping sounds when worn, and would also be great for chasing people with, but they wouldn't've fit me back then. Okay you probably didn't care about that anyway. *sigh* Ow.

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