Thursday, March 29, 2007

I'm baaaaaaaaaack!!

From camping and I'd just love to give you a full report only I'd like to comment on Z, who hated me before I left for winning a game of chess. So this is our IM conversation to date, spanish and ingish (spanglish for english or ingles)
"Hola fool"
"Todavia me odias?"
"Y entonces me estas platicando porque...?"
"nadamas y si quieres callate"
"o_O eso que?"
"*rolleyes* humanos..."
"eres un humano rose o no eres un microbio?"

"Hello fool"
"You still hate me?"
"And so you are talking to me because...?"
"Just because and shut up if you want to"
"o_O what's that?"
"*rollseyes* humans..."
"You are a human rose or are you a microbe?"

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