Thursday, February 15, 2007

Opinions needed. CSS knowledge also.

So I got most of SOMETIMES LIFE INTERRUPTS's template up, using a bizarre combination of:

  • A little of Blogger's (in need of improvement...especially on the subject of color codes and seeing what color you have and inserting your own) WYSIWYG template editor (not. much. at all. It should've stayed in Beta longer. It really needs help.)

  • Some very minor copying (just on little things, like the basic CSS, so no one get mad at me please, look at my soon-to-be primary and perhaps only blog and then look at the wonderful It's Raining Noodles! and tell me if you can tell that every now and then there is a patch in my design that was modified form her template) from the source of raining noodles for css tags that I, with my absolutely and completely almost utterly lacking knowledge of that language, had no idea how to do.

  • A haphazard combination of rule-of-thumb rgb and hex color codes, editing the basic blogger tags, and writing and/or seriously modifying additional ones (see above)

  • And a little - or a whole damn lot - of luck.

Don't get me wrong, at first it was qualifying parts of the blogger template as text to just display in a great big weird block above all content. That was annoying. And then the colors decided they didn't feel like being what they should, and all in all if you go there you'll see the end product of probably half an hour to an hour of work and some aching eyes on my part. Okay I just tuned the brightness on my monitor down. That helped a lot, but if I'm going to be photoshopping I might have to turn it up again. Bother...
Your persistent (because I don't know if anyone cares) update on the new firefox: It doesn't accept Okay as a word unless you format it too, nor does it accept photoshopping, an essential part of my vocabulary, and it would be nice if instead of trying to take HTML and CSS tags as words it would give you a hand with them. I dream of 3.0.
Also, roaring wind outside, and the power was going on-off-on-off-on... for a while. Since I have a laptop that wasn't much of a problem, I just played Solitaire until the Internet connection came back, but a friend of mine who I was IMing and who was working on a desktop regularly went offline for a while every couple minutes. Dinner thing with four people and steaks of tuna fish tonight, and I have a stuffed animal cat (fake everything of course. WHAT DO YOU TAKE ME FOR??????) stuck in my sweater so if I have to hug something, there 'Tolomeo* is.

*The way Ptolemy is pronounced in Spanish. You don't pronounce the P. Correspondingly, if speakying English he is 'Tolemy.

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