Tuesday, February 13, 2007

america in the eyes of some diggers 1

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    When you grow up you just might realize that not everything is a partisan political move. Sometimes things are wrong, regardless on who does them. From an outside perspective, there is no difference between your republicans and your Democrats - they are both the same, tugging at certain issues to illicit an emotional response because as long as you are thinking emotionally you will be likely to fall for the blame game.

    Republicans = Democrats.

    The only losers are the American people and you all are too busy sling monkey poop at each to even bother noticing that both sides are playing the same game.

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    Shhh. Be careful. You're spewing "Common Sense" and injecting reality into a partisan debate. Both Repubocrats and Demlicans object to that kind of behavior, and it goes over very poorly in most discussion forums, particularly Digg.

    (For those who missed the gag, I just switched the first two syllables on the words "Republican" and "Democrat" to illustrate the fact that there really isn't that big a difference between them. There are no other attempts at punnery inherent in the switch, nor am I trying to make either name sound like a different word.)

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    *looks around in shame* I'm sorry. was I interfering in something nonsensical again? Cute word play too. It is probably going to get worse before it gets better with the average Americans understanding of this stuff. But I guess that is the easiest way to control a population. Give them only a narrow field of the available options, then divide that narrow field into two halfs, then have the two sides play off one another giving both the illusion of chioce yet having complete control.
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