Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm just going to get this out of my system

I was with my mom at the Hotel C. Flashback was doing the first night of their live recording, and at about 11:40 it all became too much: the sugar, and the loudness, and the sugar, and the bright flashing lights, and waking up at 7, and being teased because on a pop quiz two years ago a boy bested me... and I... started crying whenever there was a drumbeat. Or anyone said something. Or anything at all came out of the speakers.
In other words, pretty much continuously. Damn eardrums and school curriculum and threat/encouragement to get to school 25% earlier than everyone if you're in the honor guard... I'm really not like that usually, but by the time the week is over I'm pretty much at the breaking point. (four day weeks should be the standard. FIVE to SIX WEEK DAYS ARE NOT HUMANE)
I probably would've been able to shut up long enough to get out of the hotel, but my mom thinks that the only way to get me to be quiet while crying is to yell at me so I'll shut up out of being startled (or at least, she probably thinks out of being startled.)... whatever happened to asking nicely?
Sorry for griping at you... it's been weighing on me all weekend.

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