Friday, July 06, 2007

Well, I'm back, but only for a while

I've graduated from my school, with a really annoying cavalcade of diplomas (I bet most people were very annoyed with me, and others, as some students got six diplomas and had to keep walking up.. it took about 15 minutes per diploma. My feet hurt so much that day, you know, there's this invention called chairs, maybe you should try it? Someone should say that to my school!)
Well anyway I'm free, on vacation, since the 3rd, we had the awesomeest ever year-end party on the 4th (Happy independence day, USAdians) and I have made it my July-am-bored project to get S.L.I. up and working, and to prepare for NaNoWriMo, as I plan on participating.
Yes, I know it's cheating to start working on your novel ahead of time. :P

So, I've decided I have an idea for the comment page for this post (remember it? Maybe you don't, and that's why I don't get many ;) ). The idea is: Answer the question "what are you doing this summer?" if you want. I really am curious. And what am I doing? Going to mexico city on the SEP's pocket, coming back, and going to the USA - California and Florida. Because visiting family and friends thereof is obligatory ;)
And I am most nervous because I go to the Mainland on the 14th which draws ever nearer as we speak. Eth.

Update, 07.07.07: I wish I could've skipped it, but I was
  • in the Escolta
  • in the graduating class
  • one of those proclaimed 'model students'
  • going to Mexico City (Whee! More diplomas!)
  • valedictorian and have been for six years (So three valedictorian-related diplomas)

I'm sorry if it seems like I'm bragging, but I am proud that the diplomas were not only because they needed something to do with all the extra heavy paper!

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Teen Vegan said...

Ug, I went through the graduation run-through at my school then decided to skip the whole charade (no one gets diplomas, or awards, or anything--it's just a showcase for the choir groups and the only thing thats actually "awarded" was supposed to be a scolarship to a highschool grad, it was a middle school graduation!!!) so I decided to go with my youth group to the beach--much better alternative.

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