Sunday, July 22, 2007


Hi! Here I am! I'll post photos when I get them off of film and memory card alike (the former shall take a while) but here's a version of a song that was going around while you wait that was making fun of the amount of backpacks (three per person) they were giving us and of how you had to put your name on everything

Cuando fui a la Convivenica
Una mochila encontré
Cómo no tenia nombre
Yo me la quede
Ay, mochila
De quien serias?
Pues ahora no me importa
Porque ahora eres mia

Rough translation:

When I went to the convivencia
A backpack, I found
As it didn't have a name
I kept it
Oh backpack,
Whose could you be?
Well it doesn't matter
because now you belong to me.


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