Friday, August 03, 2007


This is the last post I will ever make on IRCaF. Really, really, honestly. So... I want to say goodbye, and update a bit before I have to consign this blog to the archive heap and switch over to That Blog Whose Name Changes Muchly (currently... um, I think I forgot the name...)
Well I am in northern Alta California as in the state in the USA. And I am drowning in trees. Drowning drowning drowning. there are so many of them. I'll post photos - no, wait. I won't.
Oh, and it's my birthday at 4:40 TS time, 3:40 here and 5:40 where I was born (PM. I'm not that cruel! I wouldn't do that to the poor doctorses) so happy early belated, and actual birthday to all.
And now I go.
*disappears in a flash of blue smoke muttering 'Wait! I never told them why people kept mistaking me as a boy in Mexico City~! oh well...'*

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